Like many of you, we were disappointed to learn that Congressman Curtis is open to aligning himself with SUWA and their allies to reverse the recent decision from the Trump Administration to open our National Parks to street-legal OHVs.

It’s nice when elected representatives support your position, and many elected officials signed Phil Lyman’s letter to open the parks. I expect as the rest of our federal delegation hears from us that they will support us. If Congressman Curtis doesn’t support OHVs in parks then he should come out and say so. Instead, he chose not to take a position and encouraged community leaders in Moab to mobilize opposition against us. This isn’t principled. This isn’t leadership. This is the behavior of someone unwilling to take a stand.

We can’t fault a politician for acting like a politician. But we would have thought that opposing discrimination in federal policy would have been a bedrock principle that Representative John Curtis could stand behind. Apparently if discrimination is popular enough in Moab, then Mr. Curtis is willing to put his name behind a policy that is prejudiced and discriminatory.

In addition to being unwilling to stand on principle, Mr. Curtis is actually using the position of his office to encourage those who hate us and our way of life to build an organized opposition against us. 

By refusing to stand on principle, he has created an opportunity for us to unify our voice and let him know what we all think.

Here is how you can help:

  • Sign our petition. SUWA doesn’t let opportunities like this go to waste, and we can’t either. We have to engage in every fight every step of the way. We can’t do that if we’re not connected. As we send our thank you letters to the many elected officials who support us, we want to let them know we are a massive army of support that has their back. If you’ve got Secretary Bernhardt’s back? If you’ve got Phil Lyman’s back? Then sign the petition to let them know. 
  • We need donations. $5 dollars, folks. I know everyone reading this can donate five bucks, and that would accomplish a lot. We will use the funds to run Facebook ads to every OHV owner in John Curtis’s district. We will also use the funds to invest in other tools besides Facebook to keep us connected. Unlike SUWA, we don’t have a Swiss billionaire willing to bankroll us 100%. But we’ll take motivated, engaged OHV owners over Swiss billionaires every time. We’re not afraid to bootstrap this, and we’re not afraid of the work.  But we have to do it together. So, $5 bucks people. That’s all I’m asking for.
  • Finally, it’s time for some phone calls. Obviously, we need to let Congressman Curtis know how we feel. Remember to be civil. Let him now you support the recent decision from our great leaders in the Trump Administration to allow OHVs in National Parks. If that’s all you say, that will be enough. If you have a minute to speak with the Congressman or his staff, you can also ask  if he really believes discrimination makes good policy.

If you want to send a message his DC Office number is (202) 225-7751

His Provo Office number is (801) 922-5400

Also you can tweet him @repjohncurtis and also tag him on facebook as Rep. John Curtis.

We also recommend calling the other members of Congress and enlisting their support. A friendly call to Mike Lee, Mitt Romney, Rob Bishop, and Chris Stewart telling them you support the recent decision to allow street-legal OHVs in National Parks would probably go a long way in encouraging them to publicly support us.