Senator Mike McKell from Spanish Fork, Utah has aligned with special interest groups like SUWA to strip OHV users rights

Urgent! UTV Utah members we have said that the time will come where we will have to make calls, send emails, etc, to protect our OHV’s. Now is that time!

Moab has hired and enlisted lobbyists and elite powerful politicians to take away your rights as OHV Owners. Senator Mike McKell from Spanish Fork, Utah has sponsored SB168 that eliminates rights from OHV users to drive on public roads. Whether you use your OHV to hunt, recreate, work on the farm, drive to thelocal market, enjoy time with your family or anything else. This divisive and discriminative bill will affect you and your family for generations.

We need everyone to let their local Representatives and Senators know that they should not support such bad public policy by targeting OHV user groups. We also need to contact Gov Spencer Cox and let him know not support this bill as well. His Brother in Law “Mike McKell” is the bills sponsor so it will take pressure to let them know how many people actually oppose this terrible bill. We need Gov Cox to distance himself from this thing immediately. Call and email his office and reference SB168 sponsored by Mike Mckell of Spanish Fork. Don’t wait. In fact, call daily and repeat.

The Office of Gov. Spencer J. Cox

350 N. State Street, Suite 200

P.O. Box 142220

Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2220

Phone: 801-538-1000

Toll Free: 800-705-2464

How to find out who your Representative is:…/find-your-representative

Find your Senator and Rep buy going here and typing in your address:

*Be respectful in your emails and communication. We want our Reps and Senators to understand where we are coming from and not to dismiss or vote in favor out of spite

Complete link to SB168 here: