Thank You For Supporting Our Effort

Thank you for sharing your suggestions for the next step in our fight to increase OHV access in Utah. We plan to add your voice to our effort to influence decision-makers and elected officials.

SUWA and the other radical environmentalists will do everything they can to keep us off our public lands, and we have to stay vigilant to protect our rights.

There is also one more way you can help. Ever since we created UTV Utah we have had people offer donations to our organization. We were still getting things in place, and so we would often say your support is all we need. It still is the most important ingredient!

We hope you see from this effort that now we’re trying to take things to the next level. This is going to be a long fight, and we have more work coming. We need to grow as fast as we can to win the bigger fights that are coming.

With that said, we have positioned UTV Utah to start accepting generous donations from our growing alliance of supporters. We will use these funds to do everything we can to get every supporter we can find. Then we will hire the best team we can put together to win these fights.

For all the money we invest in our rides and the OHV lifestyle, if we don’t invest in our access we’ll end up with really expensive decorations for our garages and driveways. Because we can assure you that SUWA never misses an opportunity to restrict our access – and they grow their list of supporters and fundraise with every fight.

We need your help to fight back!