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We are Utah’s largest off-roading community. If you are looking for a family-friendly OHV side-by-side group, friends to go riding with, advice and recommendations, or just a plain great community this is the group for you.

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As a 501(c)(4), and all proceeds go to help keep your access to public lands open. 


Utah’s Largest Offroad Group working with others to keep your public lands and trails open. Check out some of our amazing events and causes as we give back to the local communities. 

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Giving back is what we do. Our members of all ages enjoy helping others!

In 2022 the group UTV Utah delivered 300+ Gift Baskets to Assisted Living Centers for residents that weren’t expecting to get anything for Christmas. It was an amazing undertaking that proved to put a lot of smiles on faces for those receiving the baskets as well as those delivering them. We show many of the kids that helped make the baskets as well as deliver them. Thank you KSL Ch.5 News for catching this amazing moment. 

UTV Utah FUNRZR is Major Success in Helping 5 Utah Families Christmas Dreams Come True.

Press Release 12-28-2020 – The UTV Utah star shines bright this Christmas season!

Moab, Utah – UTV Utah did their best impression of Santa Claus this year as they brought the spirit of Christmas back to life through the generosity and kindness of local vendors and members. UTV Utah, the state’s largest Off-Road advocacy group with over twenty-three thousand members, raised thousands of dollars in a matter of days to support local families in Moab and other parts of Utah who found themselves in challenging situations due to the recent pandemic. UTV Utah President and founder Bud Bruening stated “We originally started with the goal of helping one family this year. We held a live auction for merchandise that was donated by one of our local vendors through our Facebook group page, and it was extremely successful”. Bud continued “Several of our local Utah vendors offered to donate additional merchandise to raffle off to support our goal of helping families here in Utah”. UTV Utah officially announced the raffle on Thursday, December 18. Within a few days they had over 20 vendors and hundreds of UTV Utah members participating with the single focus in brightening the lives of these families. The fundraising event culminated with a live on-line raffle on December 23rd, 2020. While the final tally of funds raised is still to come, Bud Bruening was stunned and humbled by the outpouring of love and compassion shown. “We are repeatedly amazed by the generosity of the UTV Utah community. The best part about Christmas is the joy of giving, and the members of UTV Utah and the UTV community gave big” Bruening reflected, appreciating the impact that their efforts will have on the lives of these families.

UTV Utah is planning on using the incredible success in the closing weeks of 2020 to spring into 2021. Chris Tolman, Vice President of UTV Utah is confident and enthusiastic about what 2021 will bring. “We are focused on working with local communities such as Moab, Vernal, Hurricane, and others to identify opportunities to change the perception of the UTV community as a whole”. Tolman acknowledged the challenges that they faced, but pointed out that “. . .the vast majority of UTV enthusiasts do their best to be cognizant of the communities that we visit. However a few bad apples quickly spoil it for the rest of us who are doing our best to abide and respect local laws, land use, and property rights. UTV Utah continues to be an advocate for UTVs in Utah as they look to focus on community outreach, engagement, and UTV education in 2021.


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