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Share Your Feedback!

Share Your Feedback!

Many of you have followed the National Park Services responses to open Utah’s National Parks to street-legal OHVs. Like many of you we were excited when new broke that the superintendents of the parks were asked to update their regulations to comply with state law. We are also disappointed when we learned that this order was rescinded.

We know that public land management agencies are often dysfunctional, so we anticipated all along that we might run into behavior like this. We will still move forward with our plan. Just last week we met with Congressman Curtis to bring him up to speed on our efforts. We hope we can guide him into playing a more productive role in this effort.

The next step in our plan is we need to identify specific trails you would like to ride in Utah’s National Parks. We have monitored the public discussion on this topic, and we have seen there are many who want to see certain trails open. There are some who want full access to any roads currently open to other vehicles. We have also seen some say this issue isn’t that important to them.

We have the attention of decision-makers on this issue, and we have been asked to start to narrow our focus to help the National Park Service analyze what it would take to allow OHVs on specific trails in specific parks. We need feedback from you to give this step the seriousness it deserves.

Please fill out the form below and let us know what you think. We will use your responses to inform the next round of letters and meetings we put together to take this fight to the next level.

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